China and Rome: A comparison of two empires




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Silk Road




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The Rise and Fall of the Roman and Early Chinese Empires


Welcome to, a website dedicated to educating the world on the marvelous history and culture of the Chinese and Roman Empires, and the Silk Road that connected them.


Here, you will travel back in time to examine and compare the lives in the Roman Empire and imperial China. You will travel the Silk Road to learn about its history and meet the nations that once thrived along it.


If the cultural achievements presented in this website whet your interest in the ancient empires, you can learn more about their imperial styles in The Dragon and the Eagle, an immensely readable book that delves into the political, military, economical, and technological intricacies of the Chinese and Roman Empires, explores their differences, and fairly compares each era of Chinese and Roman history with detailed timelines.